Aris Christofellis was born on February 5, 1960 in Athens. Very early, he began to play the piano and to sing opera arias. In 1979 he moved to France. After having studied piano with Francis Clidat he concentrated on singing and developed his unique voice, incredible technique and range with Fofi Sarandopoulo. His debut was in 1984 in Bordeaux.

In addition to lieder and folk songs, he concentrates mainly on Baroque opera, his range - from baritone to high soprano - can be estimated by:
A - f''' (A2 - F6).


LPs, not reissued on CD:
1. King of the Night, an opera by Stefanos Korkolhs and Peter White
CVR 1004 (Maxi Single), out of print
2. Lena Platonos: To Ahdoni tou Autokratora (The Emperor's Nightingale)
(A tale in music for children after the tale by H. Chr. Andersen)
Lyra 4527, out of print
1. L'Âge d'Or des Castrats (1st version, out of print)
EMI France CDC 7 47552 2
2. Hommage à Farinelli (Sérénade nocturne pour le Roi d'Espagne) (out of print)
EMI France CDC 7 49087 2 (track list)
3. O Arhs Xristofellhs Tragouda ...
Seirios 89008 (track list)
4. Antonio Vivaldi: L'Olimpiade
Nuovo Era 6932/33 (2 CDs)
5. Giacomo Carissimi: Oratorio della SS. Vergine and Oratorio di Daniele profeta
Bongiovanni GB 10011-2
6. Superbo di me stesso,
EMI France CDC 5 55194 2
7. L'Âge d'Or des Castrats (2nd version)
EMI France CDC 5 55259 2
[10/85-02/88,p] (released 1994!)
8. Synagogal music in the Baroque, Vol. 2
Anthology of Musical Traditions in Israel AMTI CD 9401
9. Farinelli et son temps "Quel usignuolo"
EMI France CDC 5 55250 2
10. Antonio Vivaldi: Ottone in Villa
Bongionvanni GB 10016/18-2 (3CDs)
11. Synagogal music in the Baroque, Vol. 3
Anthology of Musical Traditions in Israel AMTI CD 9601
12. Les castrats au temps de Mozart
EMI France CDC 5 56134 2
13. Music in Shakespeare's time (English Lute songs)
Musica Viva 88009 (track list)
14. Apo xwres makrines kai anqrwpous (From distant lands and peoples)
EMI Greece CDC 5 56147 2
15. Giacomo Carissimi: Integrale degli Oratori
Musicaimmagine MR 10020 (9 CDs)
16. Nikos Kypourgos: Music in pictures
Seiros SMH 20013-2
17. Nikos Kypourgos: Garden Secrets
Seiros SMH 20021-2
18. Giorgos Koumendakis: 4 Works for Aris Christofellis
Seiros SMH 20022-2
19. L'âge d'or des castrats (reissue)
EMI France CDC 5 85118 2
remark: for transliterating the Greek texts, the Beta Code was used