Music in Shakespeare's Time

Musica Viva 88009

[1]How should I your true love know? (Hamlet) (Anonymus)1'45
[2]Hark! Hark the lark (Cymbeline) (Anonymus)1'12
[3]Alman (Robert Johnson II, FVB CXLVI)*1'22
[4]Full Fathom Five (The Tempest) (Robert Johnson II)1'57
[5]Where the bee sucks (The Tempest) (Robert Johnson II)1'15
[6]Alman (Robert Johnson II ,FVB CXLV)*2'10
[7]The Willow Song (Othello) (Anonymus)4'22
[8]Callino Casturame (William Byrd, FVB CLVIII)2'48
[9]La Volta (William Byrd, FVB CLV)*1'14
[10]It was a lover and his lass (As You Like It) (Thomas Morley)2'35
[11]Take O Take those lips away (Measure for Measure) (John Milson)4'13
[12]The new Sa-Ho (Giles Farnaby, FVB CXLVIII)*2'02
[13]O Mistress Mine (Twelfth Night) (Thomas Morley)1'08
[14]Caleno custure me (Henry V) (Anonymus)2'16
[15]Under the Greenwood Tree (As You Like It) (John Bartlet)1'19
[16]Wolseys Wilde (William Byrd, (FVB CLVII)*1'34
[17]Alman (Anonymus, FVB CCII)*1'26
[18]Rest Sweet Nymphs (Francis Pilkington)2'46
[19]The dark is my delight (Anonymus)1'06
[20]Corranto (Anonymus, FVB CCI)*1'08
[21]Flow not so fast ye fountains (John Dowland)2'54
[22]Tell me Daphne (Giles Farnaby, FVB CCLXXX)*1'59
[23]Coventry Carol (Anonymus)2'48
[24]The Three Ravens (Anonymus)2'40
[25]Pavan "Giles Farnabys Dreame" (Giles Farnaby, FVB CXCIV)*1'46
[26]Galliard "His Rest" (Giles Farnaby, FVB CXCV)*1'24
[27]When to her lute Corrina sings (Thomas Campion)1'39
[28]Never weather-beaten sail (Thomas Campion)1'29
[29]Corranto (Anonymus, FVB CCLXIV)*1'22
[30]Corranto Lady Riche (Anonymus, FVB CCLXV)*1'57
[31]Greensleeves (Anonymus)2'35
[32]Sweet Nightingale (Anonymus)1'56
[33]Corranto (William Byrd, FVB CCXVIII)*1'12
[34]Daunce (Anonymus, FVB CCVI)*1'31
[35]Alman (William Byrd, FVB CLVI)*1'19
[36]Tower Hill (Giles Farnaby, FVB CCXLV)*1'45
[37]Se dolce è'l tormento (Claudio Monteverdi)2'10
total time _73'39

Aris Christofellis,counter-tenor
Dimitris Ioannou, lute
Katerina Ktona, harpsichord (after Rückers)*