Synagogal Music in the Baroque Vol.2

Cantatas and choral works from Amsterdam and Hosha'na Rabbah in Casale Monferrato 1732

Anthology of Musical Traditions in Israel AMTI CD 9401
A Noah Greenberg Memorial Publication

[1]A. Caceres: Hishqi hizqi 3'22
[2]Anonymous: Kol na-neshamah 4'01
[3]G.C. Lidarti: Nora elohim 1'38
[4]G.C. Lidarti: Be-fi yesharim 1'45
[5]A. Caceres: Le-el elim 13'12
Hosha'na Rabbah in Casale Monferrato 1732:
"Yonah" - "Dove in the clefts of the rock"
[6]Symphony-ouverture in G; Adon 'olam;
Sinfonia in G; Zemirot (Ps. 13:6) 7'35
[7]Symphony-ouverture in D
Allegro - Sarabanda - Allegro 6'59
Yonah (Libretto S.H. Jarach):
[8]Angels I/II: Duetto (Yonah) 4'04
[9]Zion: Recitative (Ekh) and aria (Hahishah) 6'38
[10]"Man Clothed in Linen": Recitative (Medabber) and aria (Konen tsur)5'41
[11]Clemenza: Recitative (Teshu'at) and aria (Shokhen)7'27
[12]Dio: Recitative (Mah tehemi) and aria (Be-harbi)5'57
[13]Zion: Recitative (Na maharu) and Tutti: Coro (Dodim)4'49
total time73'53

Miriam Meltzer, soprano
Sivan Rotem, soprano
Aris Christofellis, sopranista
Yaakov Zamir, countertenor
Stephan Schreckenberger, bass

Walter Reiter, violin
David Shemer, harpsichord
Isidoro Roitman, theorbo

Benny Hendel, narrator

The Israel National Choir Rinat (Anver Itai)
The Keshet Baroque Orchestra (David Shemer)

Conductor: Anver Itai

Musical arrangements and realization of the basso continuo: Israel Adler

Live recording: Jerusalem (Hebrew University), June 11, 1992