Nikos Kupourgos: Mouzikh se eikones
Nikos Kypourgos: Music in pictures

Seiros SMH 20021-2

The cistern (2001):
[1]The cistern2'09
[2]Aaron (title music)3'01
[3]At the wheel well3'28
(Nicola Floki)
[4]Waltz of desire1'42
[5]The acrobats1'53
[6]A night on the hill1'46
[8]Elégie (after Jules Massenet)2'27
(Aris Christofellis)
The Canary yellow bicycle (1999):
[9]Bicycle ride (title music)2'17
[10]Two friends2'01
Mediterranean stories (2000):
[11]The Earth's offering (title music)2'47
[12]A bunch of grapes1'03
Nuestra Señora de los Perros (2000):
[13]La nana de la cebolla2'41
(Mario Guerra)
Terra incognita (1994):
[14]The uprooted2'47
[15]Visiting father1'57
[17]The nude dancer0'48
[18]Terra incognita3'22
[19]Latin vodka1'50
Ephemeral town (2000):
[20]Nostos (title music)2'38
[22]In the settlement2'45
Desire (1995):
[24]Zou and Lou (title music)2'45
Three seasons (1996):
[25]Stairway to the sky (title music)2'27
[26]The three sisters3'40
Log books - Giorgos Seferis (2001):
[27]The cats of Saint Nicholas (title music)2'31
[28]The wide river1'57
Straw hats (1995):
[29]Summer theme (title music)2'37
[30]Tiny cloud1'34
total time69'05

(Aris Christofellis sings in track [8])

Amadeus Orchestra, conducted by Svilen Simeonov ([1]-[8])
The Soloists of Patras, conducted by Dimitris Bonidis ([14],[15],[18])
The Larissa Children's Choir, cunducted by Dimitris Karvounis

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Nikos Kypourgos