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Jens Kleimann.

I'm a physicist currently working at the Heliophysics Group at the Insitute for Theoretical Physics IV, which belongs to the University of Bochum, Germany. I work on numerical MHD and multi-fluid simulations of the Solar wind's expansion. Among other things, I am particularly interested in

  • the propagation of large-scale disturbances (coronal mass ejections) in the wind,
  • the large-scale structure of the heliosphere and its interaction with the interstellar medium,
  • numerical methods, computer graphics and visualization of various physical systems and problems
I have also done work on the resistive properties of photospheric flux tubes, and on the spectral distribution of photoelectrons in the upper Martian atmosphere.

Science // AstrophysicsOutside Interests
  • Since about 1990, I have been an active SCUBA diver at STC Volmarstein, my local diving club.
  • In recent years, I have begun to practice sport climbing, both indoors and outdoors.
  • I'm an avid movie fan, with emphasis on (but not limited to) the SciFi/Horror/Thriller genre section. I mostly enjoy well-crafted movies that manage to convey an interesting idea, and challenge the viewer's imagination. For this reason, I'm a regular visitor to the annual Fantasy Film Festival.
  • Ever since I came in contact with computers (starting with Commodore's now ancient VIC-20, then C-128, leading up to the glorious Amiga until its tragic fate, now abandoned for a PC), I have been very interested in computer graphics and visualisation. Lately, I have been toying around with Blender and Maxon's Cinema-4D, and I like it quite a lot.
  • Using the idle CPU time on the local TP4 computer network, I have contributed modestly to the Seti@Home project. For details see here. (Not really up to date, I'm afraid.)
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