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Publications on the Modelling of Astrospheres

Selected recent (2008 – present) publications in peer-reviewed journals (co-)authored by group members.

For full text PDFs, please follow the ADS link or contact the respective author(s).

Title Year Author(s) Journal Link
Cosmic ray flux anisotropies caused by astrospheres2016K. Scherer et al.Astropart. Phys.ADS
Shock structures of astrospheres2016K. Scherer et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Cosmic rays in astrospheres2015K. Scherer et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Ionization rates in the heliosheath and in astrosheaths2014K. Scherer et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Hubble Space Telescope Optical Imaging of the Eroding Debris Disk HD 610052009H.L. Maness et al.Astrophys. J.ADS