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Selected recent (2008 – present) publications in peer-reviewed journals (co-)authored by group members.
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Title Year Author(s) Journal Link
Anomalous transport of cosmic rays in a nonlinear diffusion model2017Litvinenko et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Dual Maxwellian-Kappa modelling of the solar wind electrons: new clues on the temperature of Kappa populations2017Lazar et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Heliosheath Processes and the Structure of the Heliopause: Modeling Energetic Particles, Cosmic Rays, and Magnetic Fields2017Pogorelov et al.Space Sci. Rev.ADS
An Improved Analytical Model of the Local Interstellar Magnetic Field: The Extension to Compressibility2017Kleimann et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Cosmic-Ray Transport in Heliospheric Magnetic Structures. II. Modeling Particle Transport through Corotating Interaction Regions2017Kopp et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Generalized Multi-polytropic Rankine-Hugoniot Relations and the Entropy Condition2016Scherer et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
A Generalized Two-component Model of Solar Wind Turbulence and ab initio Diffusion Mean Free Paths and Drift Lengthscales of Cosmic Rays2016T. Wiengarten et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Cosmic ray flux anisotropies caused by astrospheres2016K. Scherer et al.Astropart. Phys.ADS
Shock structures of astrospheres2016K. Scherer et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
On the interpretation and applicability of kappa-distributions2016M. Lazar et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Toward more realistic analytic models of the heliotail: Incorporating magnetic flattening via distortion flows2016J. Kleimann et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
On the geometry of the IBEX ribbon2015A. Sylla & H. FichtnerAstrophys. J.ADS
Superdiffusive transport in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas2015G. Zimbardo et al.J. Plasma Phys.ADS
Destabilizing effects of the suprathermal populations in the solar wind2015M. Lazar et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
An exact analytical solution for the interstellar magnetic field in the vicinity of the heliosphere2015C. Röken et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Implementing turbulence transport in the CRONOS framework and application to the propagation of CMEs2015T. Wiengarten et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Parameter estimation of superdiffusive motion of energetic particles upstream of heliospheric shocks2015S. Perri et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Cosmic rays in astrospheres2015K. Scherer et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
On Aspects Pertaining to the Perpendicular Diffusion of Solar Energetic Particles2015R.D. Strauss & H. FichtnerAstrophys. J.ADS
Cosmic ray anisotropies near the heliopause2014R.D. Strauss & H. FichtnerAstron. Astrophys.ADS
On the radial evolution of kappa distributions of pickup protons in the supersonic solar wind2014H.J. Fahr, H. Fichtner, K. SchererJ. Geophys. Res.ADS
Cosmic Ray Transport in Heliospheric Magnetic Structures: I. Modeling Background Solar Wind Using the CRONOS MHD Code2014T. Wiengarten et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
The return of the bow shock2014K. Scherer & H. FichtnerAstrophys. J.ADS
Ionization rates in the heliosheath and in astrosheaths2014K. Scherer et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
The space-fractional diffusion-advection equation: Analytical solutions and critical assessment of numerical solutions2014R. Stern et al.Frac. Calc. Appl. Anal.ADS
The IBEX ribbon as a signature of the inhomogeneity of the local interstellar medium2014H. Fichtner et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
MHD simulation of the inner-heliospheric magnetic field2013T. Wiengarten et al.J. Geophys. Res.ADS
Simultaneous Analysis of Recurrent Jovian Electron Increases and Galactic Cosmic Ray Decreases2013P. Kühl et al.CEAB.ADS
Pitch-angle scattering in magnetostatic turbulence. I. Test-particle simulations and the validity of analytical results2013R.C. Tautz et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Cosmic Ray Modulation Beyond the Heliopause: A Hybrid Modeling Approach2013D.T. Strauss et al.Astrophys. J. Lett.ADS
MHD simulation of the inner-heliospheric magnetic field2013T. Wiengarten et al.J. Geophys. Res.ADS
Anisotropic diffusion of Galactic cosmic ray protons and their steady-state azimuthal distribution2012F. Effenberger et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
On the Low-frequency Boundary of Sun-generated Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in the Slow Solar Wind2012B. Shergelashvili & H. FichtnerAstrophys. J.ADS
The "step feature" of suprathermal ion distributions: a discriminator between acceleration processes?2012H.J. Fahr & H. FichtnerAnn. Geophys.ADS
4π models of CMEs and ICMEs (Invited Review)2012J. KleimannSol. Phys.ADS
A Generalized Diffusion Tensor for Fully Anisotropic Diffusion of Energetic Particles in the Heliospheric Magnetic Field2012F. Effenberger et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Magnetic clouds in the solar wind: A numerical assessment study of analytical models2011G. Dalakishvili et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Possible Evidence for a Fisk-type Heliospheric Magnetic Field. I. Analyzing Ulysses/KET Electron Observations2011O. Sternal et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Pick-up ion transport under conservation of particle invariants: how important are velocity diffusion and cooling processes?2011H.J. Fahr & H. FichtnerAstron. Astrophys.ADS
On Cosmic Ray Modulation beyond the Heliopause: Where is the Modulation Boundary?2011K. Scherer et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Comparison of different analytic heliospheric magnetic field configurations and their significance for the particle injection at the termination shock2010K. Scherer et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
On the importance of the local interstellar spectrum for the solar modulation parameter2010K. Herbst et al.J. Geophys. Res.ADS
Global Observations of the Interstellar Interaction from the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX)2010D.J. McComas et al.ScienceADS
Structure of the heliospheric current sheet from plasma convection in time-dependent heliospheric models2010A. Czechowski et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Comparison of Interstellar Boundary Explorer Observations with 3D Global Heliospheric Models2009N.A. Schwadron et al.ScienceADS
Clustering of passive impurities in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence2009H. Homann et al.Phys. PlasmasADS
Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Ray Protons and Electrons During an Unusual Solar Minimum2009B. Heber et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Hubble Space Telescope Optical Imaging of the Eroding Debris Disk HD 610052009H.L. Maness et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Spatial variation of the pickup-proton-injection rate into the ACR regime at the 3D-heliospheric termination shock2009K. Scherer & H.J. FahrAstron. Astrophys.ADS
A novel code for numerical 3-D MHD studies of CME expansion2009J. Kleimann et al.Ann. Geophys.ADS
Local Turbulence Simulations for the Multiphase ISM2008R. Kissmann et al.MNRASADS
Are there Kronian electrons in the inner heliosphere?2008D. Lange & H. FichtnerAstron. Astrophys.ADS
The Cosmic-Ray Diffusion Tensor in Nonaxisymmetric Turbulence2008B. Weinhorst, A. Shalchi, & H. FichtnerAstrophys. J.ADS
Calculation of the energetic neutral atom flux from a 3D time-dependent model heliosphere2008O. Sternal, H. Fichtner, & K. SchererAstron. Astrophys.,ADS
Cosmic ray flux at the Earth in a variable heliosphere2008K. Scherer et al.Adv. Space Res.ADS
Are Anomalous Cosmic Rays the Main Contribution to the Low-Energy Galactic Cosmic Ray Spectrum?2008K. Scherer et al.Astrophys. J,ADS
Comparing various multi-component global heliosphere models2008H.-R. Müller et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Longitudinal variation of the pickup-proton-injection efficiency and rate at the heliospheric termination shock2008H.J. Fahr et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Cosmic rays in the dynamic heliosheath2008S.E.S. Ferreira, K. Scherer, & M.S. PotgieterAdv. Space Res.ADS