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Theoretical Physics IV – Overview

Central task of the chair for Theoretical Physics IV is the description of processes in cosmic plasmas. The influence of magnetic fields on charged particles in astrophysical objects like active galaxies, the Milky Way or the direct surrounding of the Sun is investigated here either by the solution of transport equations or with help of magnetohydrodynamical equations. We compare our theoretical results with experimental data. Therefore the chair is involved in the observatories CTA, IBEX and IceCube.

Plasma physics

The research at the chair is organized in three working groups: The WG Plasma Astroparticle Physics (PAT) under direction of Prof. Dr. Julia Tjus, the WG Space- and Astrophysics under direction of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schlickeiser and the WG Heliophysics under direction of PD Dr. Horst Fichter. Detailed information about our current research topics can be found on the working group pages.