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Publications on the Transport of Energetic Particles

Selected recent (2008 – present) publications in peer-reviewed journals (co-)authored by group members.

For full text PDFs, please follow the ADS link or contact the respective author(s).

Title Year Author(s) Journal Link
Origin of the Differential Fluxes of Low-energy Electrons in the Inner Heliosheath2017H.J. Fahr et al.Astrophys. J. Lett.ADS
CRPropa 3.1 - a low-energy extension based on stochastic differential equations2017L. Merten et al.J. Cosmol. Astropart. PhysADS
Cosmic-Ray Transport in Heliospheric Magnetic Structures. II. Modeling Particle Transport through Corotating Interaction Regions2017A. Kopp et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
On Aspects Pertaining to the Perpendicular Diffusion of Solar Energetic Particles2015R.D. Strauss & H. FichtnerAstrophys. J.ADS
Cosmic ray anisotropies near the heliopause2014R.D. Strauss & H. FichtnerAstron. Astrophys.ADS
Simultaneous Analysis of Recurrent Jovian Electron Increases and Galactic Cosmic Ray Decreases2013P. Kühl et al.CEAB.ADS
Pitch-angle scattering in magnetostatic turbulence. I. Test-particle simulations and the validity of analytical results2013R.C. Tautz et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Cosmic Ray Modulation Beyond the Heliopause: A Hybrid Modeling Approach2013D.T. Strauss et al.Astrophys. J. Lett.ADS
Anisotropic diffusion of Galactic cosmic ray protons and their steady-state azimuthal distribution2012F. Effenberger et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
The "step feature" of suprathermal ion distributions: a discriminator between acceleration processes?2012H.J. Fahr & H. FichtnerAnn. Geophys.ADS
A Generalized Diffusion Tensor for Fully Anisotropic Diffusion of Energetic Particles in the Heliospheric Magnetic Field2012F. Effenberger et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Possible Evidence for a Fisk-type Heliospheric Magnetic Field. I. Analyzing Ulysses/KET Electron Observations2011O. Sternal et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Pick-up ion transport under conservation of particle invariants: how important are velocity diffusion and cooling processes?2011H.J. Fahr & H. FichtnerAstron. Astrophys.ADS
On Cosmic Ray Modulation beyond the Heliopause: Where is the Modulation Boundary?2011K. Scherer et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
On the importance of the local interstellar spectrum for the solar modulation parameter2010K. Herbst et al.J. Geophys. Res.ADS
Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Ray Protons and Electrons During an Unusual Solar Minimum2009B. Heber et al.Astrophys. J.ADS
Spatial variation of the pickup-proton-injection rate into the ACR regime at the 3D-heliospheric termination shock2009K. Scherer & H.J. FahrAstron. Astrophys.ADS
Are there Kronian electrons in the inner heliosphere?2008D. Lange & H. FichtnerAstron. Astrophys.ADS
The Cosmic-Ray Diffusion Tensor in Nonaxisymmetric Turbulence2008B. Weinhorst, A. Shalchi, & H. FichtnerAstrophys. J.ADS
Cosmic ray flux at the Earth in a variable heliosphere2008K. Scherer et al.Adv. Space Res.ADS
Are Anomalous Cosmic Rays the Main Contribution to the Low-Energy Galactic Cosmic Ray Spectrum?2008K. Scherer et al.Astrophys. J,ADS
Longitudinal variation of the pickup-proton-injection efficiency and rate at the heliospheric termination shock2008H.J. Fahr et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Cosmic rays in the dynamic heliosheath2008S.E.S. Ferreira, K. Scherer, & M.S. PotgieterAdv. Space Res.ADS