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Publications related to the IBEX Mission

Selected recent (2008 – present) publications in peer-reviewed journals (co-)authored by group members.

For full text PDFs, please follow the ADS link or contact the respective author(s).

Title Year Author(s) Journal Link
On the geometry of the IBEX ribbon2015A. Sylla & H. FichtnerAstrophys. J.ADS
The IBEX ribbon as a signature of the inhomogeneity of the local interstellar medium2014H. Fichtner et al.Astron. Astrophys.ADS
Global Observations of the Interstellar Interaction from the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX)2010D.J. McComas et al.ScienceADS
Comparison of Interstellar Boundary Explorer Observations with 3D Global Heliospheric Models2009N.A. Schwadron et al.ScienceADS
Calculation of the energetic neutral atom flux from a 3D time-dependent model heliosphere2008O. Sternal, H. Fichtner, & K. SchererAstron. Astrophys.ADS