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Prof. Dr. Karl Schindler

Theoretische Weltraum und Astrophysik
Prof. Dr. Karl Schindler
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TP4 »Prof. Dr. Karl Schindler »Symposium

SFB 591 Symposium "Cosmic Plasma Physics"

in honour of Karl Schindler on the occasion of his 75th birthday

Bochum, October 30-31, 2006






Speaker Title of the Talk
M. Hesse The inner workings of magnetic reconnection
V. Vasyliunas The paradoxical role of the displacement current in cosmic plasmas
J. Birn The role of entropy conservation and entropy loss in magnetospheric dynamics
D. Nickeler Slow evolution of 2D magnetic potential fields in barotropic ideal MHD flows
R.-J. Dettmar Magnetic Fields in Galaxies
R. Schlickeiser Inverse magnetic reconnection: Generation of magnetic fields by anisotropic particle distribution
J. Büchner Anomalous resistivity - concept and new results
M. Kiessling Cosmic plasma physics and the secrets of the universe   (Paper)
J. Dreher FlareLab: A poor man′s Solar mission
A. Otto (held by J. Birn) Kelvin-Helmholtz Modes and Magnetic Reconnection
G. S. Lakhina Generation of kinetic Alfven waves by velocity shears
G. Wunner The cosmic background in nontrivial topology
R. Grauer Open questions in Lagrangian turbulence
L. Rastätter Sun-to-Ionosphere Modeling at the Community-Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC)
T. Wiegelmann Can we use nonlinear and selfconsistent models for data analysis?

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