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Ioannis Kourakis


Present Team Members & local collaborators (at Queen's University)

Ibrahem Elkamash pic Ibrahem Elkamash is carrying out his PhD research work at QUB under my supervision (co-supervised by supervised by Brian Reville). He is funded by an Egyptian Cultural Office fellowship. Equipped with a solid mathematical background, Ibrahem currently investigates, as part of his research on the physics laser-assisted energy production schemes, freak waves in negative ion plasmas, plasma expansion fronts and electrostatic shocks.
Spyros Thanasoulas pic Spyros Thanasoulas is preparing his PhD under my supervision. His work focuses on computational algorithms for plasma modeling, and in particular on fluid simulations for electrostatic solitary waves and shocks. At the moment (2017), Spyros is seconded at Colorado State University (Fort Collins), where he holds a research assistantship at the Computer Science department. In his own quotation: "Undercover free software hacker and lisp programmer posing as a physicist. Can be found bouncing between industry and academia and trying not to create SKYNET. Research interests: Computer languages/security, MHD, Differential Geometry, Distributed Systems."
Jack Cook pic Jack Cook, MSci student (Mathematics, 4th-year in 2016/17), carried out his final year project on dissipative wavepackets in dusty plasmas (original dissertation: Multiscale Methodology for Modulational Dynamics of Electrostatic Wavepackets in Plasmas: The Role of Collisionality and Charged Dust).
Vincent McMullan pic Vincent McMullan, MSci student (Physics, 4th-year in 2016/17), carried out his final year project on solitary waves in electron-positron-ion plasmas (original dissertation: Modelling electrostatic waves and solitons in positron-laden plasmas). He has now moved on to a PhD in laser-plasma interactions at Queen's University.