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Ioannis Kourakis


Present Team Members & local collaborators (at Queen's University)

Ibrahem Elkamash pic Ibrahem Elkamash is carrying out his PhD research work at QUB, since Feb. 2015, under my supervision (co-supervised by supervised by Brian Reville) He is funded by an Egyptian Cultural Office fellowship. Equipped with a solid mathematical background, Ibrahem currently investigates, as part of his research on the physics laser-assisted energy production schemes, freak waves in negative ion plasmas, and shocks in expanding plasmas.
Michael McKerr pic Michael McKerr is carrying out his PhD research work at QUB (IK: main supervisor; 2011 - ...), partly funded by a DEL/NI (UK) fellowship. Michael studies multidimensional electrostatic structures propagating in ultra-high-density ultra-low-temperature (quantum) plasmas, with emphasis on electrostatic envelope modes (bright/dark envelope pulses, rogue waves, dromions). Main activities include (motorcycle) track racing and welding!
Spyros Thanasoulas pic Spyros Thanasoulas is a part/time self/funded PhD student under my supervision (as principal supervisor), working on computational algorithms for plasma modeling. In his own quotation: "Undercover free software hacker and lisp programmer posing as a physicist. Can be found bouncing between industry and academia and trying not to create SKYNET. Research interests: Computer languages/security, MHD, Differential Geometry, Distributed Systems."
Ashley Smyth pic Ashley Smyth, PhD student (co-supervised; main supervisor: Marco Borghesi), working on collisionless shocks in laser-plasma interactions (experiments). Own introduction: "DEL funded, his research has been put into the 'laboratory astrophysics' box. Being placed in such a busy group is a bit of a shock but he is finding it deeply rewarding in terms of experience. When not looking at a computer screen he's looking at a computer screen: an avid fan of online video games."
Zoe Geddis pic Zoe Geddis, MSci Mathematics student at Queen's University Belfast working towards a fourth year Applied Mathematics project on 'Freak (Rogue) Waves - Mathematical modelling of a new paradigm across disciplines', specifically focusing on rogue waves in the ocean.
Guy Hetherington pic Guy Hetherington, MSci student (Physics, 4th-year in 2015/16), is carrying out his final year project on plasma simulations.
Rahul Patel pic Rahul Patel, MSci student (Physics, 4th-year in 2015/16), is carrying out his final year project on plasma expansion.