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Supervision activity

To date (2017), I have supervised a total of: 5 (five) PhD research projects; 15 (fifteen) long MSc/MSci dissertations (= 7 PGT/MSc long research projects + 8 UG/MSci Level 4 projects) and 30 (thirty) pedagogical projects (12 PGT/MSc + 18 UG/MSci Level 3).

Here is an overview of individual projects:

  • Postgraduate Research, PGR (PhD) supervision: I have supervised five (5) PhD students; this includes 3 (three) PhD students who have successfully graduated already: here is a detailed list of PhD projects & students/years.
  • Postgraduate Taught, PGT (Master's level) supervision: I have supervised seven (7) MSc dissertations and twelve (12) shorter (pedagogical) MSc projects in total, in 2007-2013: here is a detailed list of PGT individual projects given & students/years.
  • Undergraduate, UG (MSci, BSc) supervision: I have supervised eight (8) final-year MSci projects (Physics, Applied Mathematics) and thirty (30) training projects (BSc) (Physics), since 2011. Here is a list of UG projects & students/years.

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