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My research focusses on Nonlinear Dynamics, with applications in plasmas, in condensed matter and in materials science. I have developed analytical and computational methods for the modelling of nonlinear waves in physical systems. My activity is multidisciplinary in nature, combining Applied Mathematics (nonlinear PDEs), Space Plasmas, Plasma Science (electromagnetic theory, fluid theory, kinetic theory, waves, instabilities) and advanced analytical techniques and symbolic computation tools.

Record metrics in a nutshell: >150 refereed articles; >75 book chapters and papers in Conf. Proceedings; >4.1 K citationsÍž H-index = 36 (Google Scholar); 40+ Invited Talks & 45+ contributions in International Conferences.

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For some of the publications (to any extent permitted by copyright constraints), you may find links to downloadable reprints in .pdf form.