Jorge Cano, Male
Coloratura Soprano
Jorge Cano with Brian Asawa


Born in Bogotá/Colombia, now in his early twenties he is one of those rare talents in the 21. century with the voice of a natural male coloratura soprano. Jorge fascinates the audience in all his performances with opera arias like the aria of The Queen of the Night (Mozart), written for a high female soprano or "Son qual Nave" (Hasse), written for the famous castrato, Farinelli. Jorge tackles them with the exquisite natural talent of a contemporary "castrato". According to Cheryl Boyd-Waddell (director of vocal activities of Clayton College and State University, Morrow GA), Jorge is a natural talent with an inborn predilection for the repertoire of the old castrati. He possesses great strength, a remarkable range and tonal purity. He also has good agility and a natural feeling for ornamentations. He is no falsetto singer, but his voice sounds like that of a 12 years old boy with no traces of masculinity at all in it. A medical examination at the National University of Colombia attributed this to the fact that his larinx didn't grow properly. He deserved a lot of recognitions for bringing back into life a long forgotten art, to the bliss of an ever increasing audience.

Leslie G.

( Recital in the Underground Theater. )