Ralf Peter, who began as a tenor, studied German literature and musicology in Berlin and Saarbrücken. In 1994, he began to study countertenor with Brigitta Seidler-Winkler, supplemented by masterclasses with Paul Esswood, Barbara Schlick, Jessica Cash, Sigune von Osten and others. He is a member of the ensembles "pazzaCaglia", "Senza Piedi" and "PanArte", but performs also as a soloist in opera and concert. Moreover, he likes to stage-manage.

Ralf Peter's main interest is the 17th century opera, but also contemporary music. His range may be estimated by:
g - Bb'' (G3 - Bb5).

official homepage and website of the ensemble pazzaCaglia (in German)

1. pazzaCaglia: "Sento un certo non so che..."
Guma Music 200008
2. Senza Piedi: "Kein größer Freud..."
My Music 109701
3. Musik in Deutschland 1950-2004: "Künstlerdramen"
RCA 74321 73632-2
4. Fuga del Diavolo
JHM 150