George Frideric Handel (1685-1759): Messiah

Sony SM2K 60205 (2 CDs)

CD1Part One: Christmas Section 69'27
[1]I. Ouverture (Symphony) 5'51
[2]II. "Comfort ye, my people" (recit. T) 3'31
[3]III. "Every valley shall be exalted" (aria T) 3'28
[4]IV. "And the glory of the Lord" (chorus) 3'04
[5]V. "Thus saith the Lord" (recit. B) 1'45
[6]VI. "But who may abide" (aria B) 4'24
[7]VII. "And He shall purify" (chorus) 2'36
[8]VIII. "Behold, a virgin shall conceive" (recit. A) 0'38
[9]IX. "O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion" (aria A) 5'24
[10]XII. "For unto us a child was born" (chorus) 3'52
[11]XIII. Pastoral Symphony (Pifa) 3'57
[12]XIVa. "There were sheperds" (recit. S) 0'20
[13]XIVb. "And, lo! the angel of the Lord" (recit. S) 0'30
[14]XV. "And the angel said unto them" (recit. S) 0'49
[15]XVI. "And suddenly there was with the angel" (recit. S) 0'16
[16]XVII. "Glory to God" (chorus) 1'51
[17]XVIII. "Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion" (aria S) 5'10
[18]XIX. "Then shall the eyes of the blind be opended" (recit A) 0'38
[19]XX. "He shall feed His flock" (duetto A+S) 6'41
[20]XXXIII. "Lift up your hands" (chorus) 3'03
[21]XL. "Why do the nations" (aria B) 2'35
[22]XLI. "Let us break their bonds asunder" (chorus) 1'49
[23]XLII. "He hath dwelleth in Heaven" (recit. T) 0'19
[24]XLIII. "Thou shalt break them" (aria T) 2'07
[25]XLIV. "Hallelujah" (chorus) 4'48
CD2Part Two: Easter Section48'57
[1]XXII. "Behold the lamb of God" (chorus) 4'08
[2]XXIII. "He was despised" (aria A) 6'17
[3]XXV. "And with His stripes we are healed" (chorus) 3'51
[4]XXVI. "All we like sheep" (chorus) 4'31
[5]XXVII. "All they that see Him" (recit. T) 0'50
[6]XXVIII. "He trusted in God" (chorus) 2'16
[7]XXIX. "Thy rebuke hath broken His heart" (recit. T) 2'00
[8]XXX. "Behold, and see if there be any sorrow" (aria T) 2'01
[9]XXXI. "He was cut off" (recit. S) 0'33
[10]XLV. "I know that my redeemer liveth" (aria S) 8'06
[11]XLVI. "Since by man came death" (chorus) 2'10
[12]XLVII. "Behold, I tell you a mystery" (recit. B) 0'59
[13]XLVIII. "The trumpet shall sound" (aria B) 3'58
[14]LIII. "Worthy is the lamb" (chorus) 7'17

This is the recording of a new arrangement of the movements into two acts by Leonhard Bernstein, based on the edition by Ebenezer Prout (with a real continuo instead of the wind quartet suggested in this edition). In some movements the Mozart/Hiller instrumentation (additional winds) is used.

Adele Addison, soprano
Russell Oberlin, countertenor
David Lloyd, tenor
William Warfield, baritone
William Vacchiano, solo trumpet
Westminster Choir (John Finley Williamson)
New York Philharmonic (on modern instruments)
direction: Leonhard Bernstein

recording: december 31, 1956, Columbia 30th Street Studios, New York City, USA