Meredith Monk: Atlas

ECM 1491/92 (2 CDs)

CD 1
Part I: Personal Climate
[1]Overture (Out of Body 1) 3'07
[2]Travel Dream Song 5'07
[3]Home Scene 2'38
[4]Future Quest (The Call) 11'15
[5]Rite of Passage A 0'57
[6]Choosing Companions 7'44
[7]Airport 9'19
Part II: Night Travel
[8]Night Travel 3'14
[9]Guides' Dance 1'51
[10]Agricultural Community 14'36
CD 2
[1]Loss Song 4'14
[2]Campfire/Hungry Ghost 7'43
[3]Father's Hope 1'43
[4]Ice Demons 6'20
[5]Explorer #5/Lesson/Explorer's Procession 6'04
[6]Lonely Spirit 3'33
[7]Forest Questions 10'19
[8]Desert Tango 7'52
[9]Treachery (Temptation) 2'11
[10]Possibility of Destruction 2'46
Part III: Invisible Light
[11]Out of Body 2 2'58
[12]Other Worlds Revealed 1'28
[13]Explorers' Junctures 2'42
[14]Earth Seen From Above 7'34
[15]Rite of Passage B 1'42

Randall K. Wong sings in the following tracks:

CD1: [1], CD2: [4], [6], [7], [11]

  • The Ensemble:
    Carlos Arévalo, Thomas Bogdan, Victoria Boomsma, Janis Brenner, Shi-Zheng Chen, Allison Easter, Robert Een, Dina Emerson, Emily Eyre, Katie Geissinger, Ching Gonzales, Dana Hanchard, Wendy Hill, Stephen Kalm, Meredith Monk, Robert Osborne, Wilbur Pauley, Randall K. Wong

  • The Orchestra:
    violin: Susan Iadone and Darryl Kubian
    viola: Kathleen Carroll
    cello: Anthony Pirollo and Arthur J. Fiacco, Jr.
    clarinet, B-clarinet: John Cipolla
    shawn, sheng, recorder: Wayne Hankin
    french horn: James F. Wilson
    keyboards: Cynthi Powell and Steve Lockwood
    percussion: Thad Wheeler
    glass harmonica: Bill Hayes
    (on Ice Demons)

    recording: june 1992 at Power Station, New York