The Oxford Psalms

Signum SIGCD093 (2007)

William Lawes (1602-1645):
[1]The Lamentation: O Lord, in thee5'17
[2]Psalm LI/2: Cast me not, Lord5'47
Matthew Locke (~1623-1677):
[3]Lamentation: In the beginning, O Lord2'29
Jeremiah Clarke (~1674-1707):
[4]Lamentation: Blessed be those sweet Regions4'25
[5]Miserere from Parthenia in-violata (~1625)1'47
William Lawes:
[6]Psalm XVIII/1: O God my strength and fortitude5'48
[7]Psalm VI: Lord, in thy wrath5'43
John Blow (1648-1708):
[8]As on Euphrat's shady banks4'57
Anonymous/Christopher Simpson (~1602/6-1669):
[9]A ground for ye Harpsicord (arr.Kah-Ming Ng)3'42
William Child (1606/7-1697):
[10]Extracts from The First Set of Psalms of III Voyces6'56
(Psalms II, X, XI, and IX)
Henry Purcell (1659-1695):
[11]Since God so tender3'24
Frances Withy (~1645-1727):
[12]Divisions in F5'41
George Jeffreys (~1610-1685):
[13]Praise the Lord, O my soule3'57
Henry Purcell:
[14]Blessed is he that considereth the poor5'34
Albertus Bryne (~1621-1668):
Matthew Locke:
[16]Let God arise1'25
William Lawes:
[17]The humble suite of a sinner: O Lord, of whom...6'54
[18]Gloria Patri et Filio2'43
total time: 78'28

Charivari Agréable:
Rodrigo del Pozo, haute-contre
Simon Beston, tenor
Nicholas Perfect, bass

Susanne Heinrich, bass viol, concert bass
Richard Sweeney, theorbo
Kah-Ming Ng, chamber organ, harpsichord; direction

recording: August 22-24, 2006, St. Andrew's Church, Toddington, Gloucestershire/UK