Henry Purcell (1659-1695): Musick's Hand-Maid

Excerpts of instrumental suites from "The Second Part of Musick's Hand-Maid" (1687)
and "A Choice Collection of Lessons" (1696)"

Auvidis Astrée (1995)

Suite in C
[1]Music for a while (A) 3'51
[2]Air 0'51
[3]Air 1'26
[4]Begin the Song and strike the living lyre (B)7'37
Suite in a minor
[5]Prelude 1'46
[6]Almand 4'06
[7]Corant 1'44
[8]Saraband 1'05
[9]A New Ground 2'49
[10]Round-O 2'45
[11]Strike the viol, touch the lute, wake the harp (S)2'21
Suite in G major
[12]Prelude 3'47
[13]Almand 1'29
[14]Corant 1'52
[15]A New Scoth Tune (S) 3'15
[16]Air 1'26
[17]Gavott 1'20
[18]A New Irish Tune 1'28
[19]Ground in Gamut 1'49
[20]An Evening Hymn (S) 3'44
Suite in d minor
[21]Bell-barr Almand Very slow 4'50
[22]Air 1'11
[23]Minuet & Sefauchi's Farewell 3'17
[24]Ground 5'32
Suite in g minor
[25]Cupid the slyest rogue alive (S) 2'39
[26]Jig 0'59
[27]Hornpipe 0'41
[28]Jig 0'38
[29]Here let my Life (T) 1'59
[30]Tho knowest Lord the secrets of our hearts (SATB)2'10
total time: 75'29

The Harp Consort:

Ellen Hargis, soprano
Rodrigo del Pozo, alto
Douglas Nasrawi, tenor
Harry van der Kamp, bass
David Douglass, Renaissance violin
Nancy Hadden, Renaissance flute, recorder
Hille Perl, bass viol, lyra viol
Jane Achtman, bass viol
Paul O'Dette, theorbo, cittern, lute
Pat O'Brien, bandora, guitar
Thomas Ihlenfeldt, theorbo, guitar
Steve Player, guitar
Lee Santana, cittern, theorbo
Andrew Lawrence King: harps, positive organ, harpsichord, percussion, direction

recording: March 1995, church St. Georg, Sengwarden near Wilhelmshaven/D