Paulo Abel do Nascimento (1957-1992) was the 15th child of a poor family in Fortaleza/Brazil. Lack of testosterone prevented his voice from breaking. He studied composition and conducting in São Paolo, where Roger Cotte heard his unique voice. Later he was educated in Europe and gave his debut in 1981 in Belgium. He died in Paris of an AIDS related illness.

He sang mainly cantatas and lieder from his home. His voice sounds quite unique, but not very high, about
f - f'' (F3 - F5).


1. Alessandro et Domenico Scarlatti: Cantates et Sonates
Lyrinx LYR CD 062 (liner notes)
2. Mélodies populaires brésiliennes
Lyrinx LYR CD 085
He also had a film rôle as a castrato in the film Dangerous Liaisons