Oleg Bezinskikh, born in 1967 in Oktyarbsk on the Volga (Russia), began his career as a stage director and worked later as a TV director. In 1991, he took up his vocal studies with Victor Yushmanov and Galina Senina and continued his education with masterclasses with Adele Stolte in Germany. He sang the Mephostophiles in A. Schnittke's Doktor Faustus and in the Russian premiere of G.F.Handel's Nine German Arias. Currently, he sings mainly in St. Petersburg.

He sings operas from Baroque to our days, including Russian operas, but also lieder. His range is about:
a - b'' (A3 - B5)

links: official website and a fan site

1. Music of my soul
KDK records (no number), MC only
2. Maria Antonia Walburgis: Talestri (excerpts on one CD)
Kammerton KT 2007
3. Jewish Melodies (with Klezmer Trio Sankt-Petersburg) (external ink)
BezArt Records (no number) and Right Choice Studios RC-236 (2003)
4. Tsar Demian (external link)
Mariinsky Theatre 0101 004-1
5. "To my friends" (external link)
BezArt production BAP-002(s) and Right Choice studio RC-237 Sacramento, 2003
6. Christmas Mystery (external link)
Saint-Petersburg Palaces and Melodiya Record Company (no number)
7. Baroque Mystery (external link)
Saint-Petersburg Palaces and Melodiya Record Company, MC-2004/03
8. Archiglas (external link)
Disc Makers, CBB1108
9. Mikael Tariverdiev: Seventeen moments of destiny (external link)
"Bomba music", St. Petersburg (no number)
10. Oleg (external link)
"RMG Company" RT-03, St.Petersburg
11. Evgeny Martynov: Yabloni v tsvetu (external link)
Kvadro-disc KTL07-666, Moscow
12. Jewish melodies - Golden Jerusalem (external link)
(no label), Moscow