The singer and dancer, Krassimir (full name Krassimir Abramov), was born in Sliven, Bulgaria and started to perform already at very young age. Working first with body language, he later discovered his voice, which he educated with Penka Gekova. He gratuated with honours from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia and moved in 1999 to California.

His music is a mixture of various pop and rock styles with classical influences. His voice ranges from the bariton up to a b'' (B5) in falsetto.

links: official website (currently unavailable) and a page at myspace music

Thank you very much to Irena Alexandrova/Mega Mogula for the two CDs!
1. Silent voices
(label unknown)
2. Popera
Krassimir music
3. Say Goodbye (Maxi)
Krassimir music