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Do you think a singer is missing? Please check with Eric Betthauser's Countertenor Homepage, if you can't find the singer there, or if you know more one of the singers (male sopranos?) listed below please send me an email.
  1. Francesco d'Andrea (I). Claims to be an endrocrynological castrato.
  2. Marcel Arpots (NL). Performs more frequently as a tenor.
  3. Sean Attebury (USA) (another link)
  4. Mauro Bagella (I)
  5. Terrance Lee Barber (USA). A former member of Chanticleer (web site).
  6. Percival Bridger (1919-1970, GB). Member of the Renaissance Singers
  7. Vincenzo Cavelli (I).
  8. Fernando de Carvalho Júnior(BRA).
  9. Kyle Church Cheseborough (USA).
  10. Gordon Combes (AUS).
  11. Richard Crane (GB) (cf. Elsa Scammell)
  12. Glenn Kesby(AUS). He is currently studying in the UK
  13. Erik Kurmangaliev (Salim Meruet) (KAZ). Perhaps more a mezzo
  14. Reginald Laban (F). Recorded a CD with Jean Nirouët (BNL)
  15. Leandro Samuel Bermudez Lafont (CO).
  16. Michael Maniaci (US).
  17. Gianfranco Mari (I).
  18. Andrew Muscat Clark (AUS).
  19. Flavio Oliver (I). (bio)
  20. Fabio Romandini (I).
  21. Gianugo Rabellino (I).
  22. Paul Texel (NL). He is mentioned in several articles
  23. Calvin Wells (RSA).
P. Bridger
F. de Carvalho Jr.
G. Kesby
M. Maniaci