1902Alessandro Moreschisoprano castrato (Apr-07-98)
1930Frank Colmansoprano (May-22-07)
1952Jimmy Scotttenor altino JS (Nov-29-16)
1953Russell Oberlintenor altino (Nov-29-16)
1986Paulo Abel do Nascimento tenor altino (Mar-30-98)
1992Rodrigo del Pozo tenor altino (Dec-13-15)
1998Mircea Mihalache tenor altino (Jun-22-05)


Soprano arias on various CDs are moreover sung by the falsettists David Cordier (GB/D), David Daniels (USA), Paolo Gazzano (I), Robert Harre Jones (GB), David Hurley (GB) Johnny Maldonado (USA), Werner Marschall (D, page by Chr. Panse), Graham Pushee (AUS/CH), Ralf Popken (D), Flavio Oliver (IT/ES), Derek Lee Ragin(USA) and José Romero(E). A historical sopranist is Jean Archimbaud (F), a member of the Ensemble Roger Blanchard (cf. the Early Music FAQ).

Klaus Nomi (D, page by R. Storm) who sang classical arias in bizarre modern arrangements as well as pop songs with an high alto voice (up to g'' (G5)) was also a falsettist. He died of an AIDS related illness in 1983. Michael Aspinall, his British "counterpart", seems to be an alto as well.

D. Cordier D. Daniels P. Gazzano R. Harre Jones D. Hurley J. Maldonado
W. Marschall R. Popken Gr. Pushee Fl. Oliver D.L. Ragin J. Romero