Gerson Luiz Sales was born in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. Up to 1989 he studied piano and singing (tenor) in his home town. In 1991 he moved to Europe, first to Milano. Since 1992 he has been living in Germany. He began as a choir tenor in Hagen, and in 1993 he began to study countertenor with Philip Langshaw in Cologne. Two years later, he gave his debut as a soloist, now, he is a member of the ensemble in Wuppertal.

He sings operas from Baroque to contemporary works. An estimate for his range is:
bb - bb'' (Bb3 - Bb5)

official website (in German)

1. Maria Antonia Walburgis: Talestri (excerpts on one CD)
Kammerton KT 2007
2. What if a day
Animato ACD 6063