Born on the island Martinique in 1974, Fabrice di Falco had his first great performance as a soloist during the Pope's visit to the Antilles. Since 1994, he has been educated in Paris and at the Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt. In 1997, he gave a Farinelli recital (in clothes according to the film) at Paris Opera.

Fabrice di Falco has sung a large variety of different kind of music, including the rôle of Sesto in G.F. Handel's opera Giulio Cesare. His range is about:
g - b'' (G3 - B5)

FABRICE DI FALCO (Orfeo di Angelico)
link: official website

1. Annick Ozier Lafontaine: Où est passé l'amour
RFA Latitude SOP 1294 (available in Martinique only)
2. Thomas Bloch: Tirage limité (compilation of film music)
TGB 961
3. Glassharmonica
4. Fabrice di Falco: sopraniste
private edition
5. Ombra mai fù / True love
Dream Arks DA-NC01
6. Glassharmonica
Naxos 8.555295
7. Gerhard E. Winkler: Heptameron
col legno WWE 1CD 20232
8. George Frideric Handel: Agrippina
Dynamic CDS431