Edson Cordeiro was born in Santo André (São Paulo/Brazil) on February 9, 1967. He started to sing at 6 years old when he joined a church choir called "Cordeirinhos do Senhor". He left school already at the age of nine and later, he became a famous street singer. With his own version of the aria of the Queen of the Night (W.A. Mozart) he had his first TV performance. In 1996, he won the "Prêmio Sharp" for the best Brazilian pop singer.

He sings nearly any kind of music, but mainly pop music. His range of four octaves is the highest of male sopranos:
G - g''' (G2 - G6)

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1. Edson Cordeiro (1st album)
Sony Brazil 464 349 2/850.025
2. Edson Cordeiro (2nd album)
Sony Brazil EPC 476284 2/789.004
3. Terceiro Sinal
Sony Brazil EPC 479290 2/850.279
4. Clubbing
Sony Brazil EPC 490092 2
5. Disco Clubbing Ao Vivo
Sony Brazil EPC 492230 2/758.497
6. Disco Clubbing 2 - Mestre de Cerimônia
Sony Brazil EPC 492487 2
?. Klazz meets the voice
Sony 88697075282
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