Dariusz Paradowski was born in 1966 in Gdansk, Poland. At the age of five he began with piano lessons, later also organ and double-bass. In 1985 he began to take up vocal studies in his hometown with Alicja Legiec-Matosiuk, later with Eugeniusz Sasiadek in Wroclaw. Already as a student he began to perform at various stages in Poland and also widely in Europe.

His main repertoire is the Baroque and Classical opera, his range is approximately:
g - b'' (G3 - B5)

link: countertenors.ru

1. F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Paulus
label unknown (external link),MC only
2. Arie i duety operowe W. A. Mozarta
Pro Musica Camerata PMC 011
3. Muzyka Złotego Wieku w Polsce
Dux 0528
4. Zbigniew Preisner:Requiem for my friend
Erato 3984-24146-2
[12/97 and 02/98,-]
5. Polish Contemporary Music
PWM CD 001 (external link)
Thank you very much to Marcin Gajzler for getting hold of the Mozart CD!